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Pac-Man XR

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An XR clone of the original Pac-Man video game. Play on Desktop, Mobile and in VR!



  • Desktop - Keyboard [WASD] [Arrows]
  • Desktop - Mouse Hover X Controller
  • Mobile - Tap X Controller
  • VR - 3DoF Controller

How to Play

Move Pac-Man Up, Right, Left or Down around the maze to eat all dots on the screen while avoiding four colored ghosts to advance to the next level. Eat Power Pellets to turn the tide on your enemies.



  • game_control : Contains all of the game logic and controls. Has a customizable map builder and dot builder that allows for obstacle and dot hit checking, so that more maps can be created and played. The player can be controled in a variety of ways and compatible with many hardware systems. The ghosts have scattering logic and adjusted ai personality's for when/how to chase the player. Many other small details have been created to attempt to match the original game as close as possible like the points system, level progression, power ups, tunnels, etc...



The graphics. The ghosts themselves turned out really interesting and main logo really pops with style. All graphics are built from internal geometry, no imported 3D models.


With a huge project such as this, there were many roadblocks. Thankfully I was able to get through them all. Some of the more difficult ones were the collision system, state management and pathfinding. The collision system itself is not perfect and a few instance where the ghost and player move at the same time can cause it to hiccup and not detect hits. It works well enough, but working on a better overall design to use smaller increments and detect groups of positions to check for hits for ideally perfect accuracy.

What I want to build upon this, in the future...

This is really the start of some interesting projects I want to build. Mostly old school games that I grew up and love that can be enjoyed in a variety of mediums. For OG arcade projects such as this, I would love to optimize it much more place the maze inside an arcade cabinet with the VR controller being an actual joystick in a vaporwave environment. A fully immersive Arcade is the dream!

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